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Flip Straw Tumbler Stanley

STANLEY The IceFlow™ Flip Straw Tumbler. Made of the highest quality materials, designed to keep drinks cold and cool. Available in many colors.

Goodies for events

New Year, New Events! See our proposals and get ready for the upcoming events.

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Sustainable Development Policy

Nowadays, when our planet is struggling with numerous environmental, social and economic challenges, it is necessary to take action for sustainable development.

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Register on the website to get a special discount. It's so simple, don't wait!

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Discover the new clothing collection

TEE JAYS was founded in 1976 in the beautiful area of Alabama, USA.

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French brand. Glowing effect!

Created in 2017, SCX design is a young French company which specializes ... See more

Check out our offer of headphones

Headphones tailored to the user's needs. We offer in-ear, on-ear, wireles... See more

Discover event products

Make your event unforgettable with our unique event products!

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Along with the growing sense of common responsibility among people for the good of our plan, interest in eco gadgets that can be recycled has also increased. In our offer you will find a wide selection of ecological advertising gadgets made of e.g. wheat straw, coffee grounds, used tires.

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A series of unusual products, designed and created by us from scratch. Plywood models, Christmas decorations made of cork or felt, keyrings in any shape - these are just a few examples that are hard to find in the competition. If you have an idea for your original gadget, contact us!

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in Europe

Finding good quality products can be difficult, especially when so many manufacturers have moved production overseas, mainly to China. That is why we meet ever higher expectations and facilitate the search for the perfect gadget. Browse and discover amazing products made in Europe: clothing, toys, sports equipment, accessories, decorations and much more!

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Welcome Pack


Packs for


Are you recruiting and your company needs new hands to work? Do you want an employee to stay longer? Try to make the first days in your new job pleasant and unique. Use ready-made sets or complete your own unique package.

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Coffee Cups from Coffee grounds

Did you know that coffee grounds can get a second life? Instead of landing in the trash, you can create something beautiful and useful from them - for example, a coffee cup! Such cups are not only eco-friendly, but also unique. Each piece is unique, with a distinctive texture and natural coffee scent. Drinking coffee from them is a real pleasure for lovers of this beverage. Put your logo, data or other text on the cup.

Direct-to-Film Printing: A Revolutionary New Textile Printing Technology

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing is a new textile printing technology that offers a number of advantages over traditional methods, such as sublimation, screen printing, and DTG (direct-to-garment). DTF allows for the creation of full-color, durable, and flexible prints on a variety of materials, without the need for cutting or creating screens. DTF is an ideal solution for those who want to create high-quality personalized prints on demand, both in small and large quantities.

Soy candles

These days, with taking care of the environment becoming a priority for more and more people, even more are looking for ecologic alternatives they can incorporate in various areas of their lives. One of these, which is swiftly gaining popularity, are soy candles. These relatively small, aromatic sources of light are not only great for making your house comfier but are also helping the environment. In today's blog we will take a closer look into the world of the soy candles and their benefits for our surroundings. 

Ocean Bottle

In recent years, we have revealed an increase in ecological awareness and a growing concern for the condition of our planet. One manifestation of this trend is the increasing popularity of eco-friendly devices, including choosing utility use over disposable devices. Having a certificate brings more and more benefits.